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SFC-Mini and SFC-60 coming back in 2018

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The people have spoken. Every week I am getting emails from people wanting to get their hands on a controller…

This got me excited about redesign my controllers. I got new connections with suppliers and companies which will yield better products. I also was able to redesign using parts that are faster to assemble which means more efficiency for me. The SFC-101 WILL NOT come back due to the very low demand.

If you are interested in buying a SoundForce controller, you can suscribe to the mailing list : https://goo.gl/forms/LAg7GBQXtel8lEPk2

Pictures will come soon.



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I decided to drop the MIDI controllers to make time to work on new exciting projects, modular projects! I am starting by building a lot of DIY modules, some kits, some own designs. With a CNC router I also built my case. The first SoundForce modules will come during summer 2017.

Unfortunately there is no chance to get a SoundForce controller anymore, as I don’t have PCBs and front panels in stock. The low demand made it impossible to mass-produce the products, the failed kickstarter campaign confirmed my assumptions. The fact that they were not just blown synths never justified the price tag for a lot of people. But due to the amount of controls and the hand assembly I could not just reduce the price. A great experience anyway!

European Maker Week – SFC-101 DISCOUNT!

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To kick off the European Maker Week, I am running big discount on the SFC-101 controller this month (only 185 euro instead of 249/non-eu customers are exempted of VAT). Head to the store.

For the people in the Brussels area, I will be exhibiting my controllers at Makerstown on Tuesday 24th May (next week). Come to take a look and try them out!

In my hometown, we will also be exhibiting at our local Maker Festival Twente with my colleagues of Fablab Enschede!

SFC-60/101 Holiday deals

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Hey folks,

Until 31st december, get the SFC-60 or SFC-101 for a special price. 225 euros instead of 250 euros (regular price). For customers outside the EU: 185.95 euro (instead of 206.6 regular price).

Please note that units will ship in January 2016.

Happy holidays!

Moving forward

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As you maybe noticed, the SFC-Mini Kickstarter campaign didn’t get funded. That’s too bad but I am making new plans to move on. I decided to produce the SFC-Mini’s in few small batches and by hand. The layout will stay the same as the prototypes showcased on the Kickstarter page.

This week I ordered the different parts for the first batch. Although it’s hard to say exactly when the units will be ready, there will be 7 units ready next week and probably 10 more every 2-3 weeks.

If you are still interested to purchase one, please fill this form : http://goo.gl/forms/aUNS21E4Si I will be in touch with you when I have stock. Let me also know what is your favourite color as I will pick max. 2 or 3 of the most popular colors.

Thanks for your support! Even if this haven’t been a very successful attempt, I am happy that a small group of fanatics are enthusiastic about this anyway.