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SuperBooth 2024

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2 weeks back we went with SuperBooth 24 with a small group of friends helping out to move, setup and demonstrate the Eurorack modules and midi controllers. We talked to so many people, served 150 coffees and gave out plenty of stroopwaffels and chocobons. Thanks to the whole team for their help and all the visitors for their interest and questions.

Same press came along and the interview are on youtube.

Sonic State:

Les Sondiers (French)

Samples II announcement!

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SoundForce is releasing Samples II, a 5-channel 4-HP Eurorack USB Sample Player. Samples II is a follow-up of the Samples serie of modules, initially released back in 2020. Samples II can now play back and stream wave files directly from a USB memory stick giving users the flexibility to change samples, offering them extensive memory space and no wave file length limitation.

Samples II is now shipping directly from at 199 euros (when incl 21% VAT), price might differ based on your location. There is also stock available or en route at Perfect Circuit (USA), Signal Sounds (UK), Cicada Sound (Canada), Schneiders Laden (Germany) and MIDI Amsterdam (The Netherlands).

For more information, check out the product page.

Releasing the SFC-OB MIDI controller

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Another Christmas miracle 🎉 The SFC-OB, my MIDI controller for OB-style synth plugins, is now ready to ship from Stock is on the way to the USA at Perfect Circuit with pre-order available soon. In the UK, Signal Sounds has stock. Units will ship to Canada to Cicada Sound next week. And Dupertuis in Switzerland will have stock soon as well.

As with previous controllers, users can enjoy 2-way integration using the latest Arturia OP-Xa V. This means that the controller interface can be updated when presets are changed in the plugin, when plugin instances are switched or even manually on demand. The controller even accounts for discrepancies between a plugin pot-position and a controller pot-position, and implements pick-up or smoothing modes to avoid juming values. This allows for an improved and tighthly integrated workflow. Other traditional 1-way MIDI CC mapping is available for the brand new GForce OB-X, SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II, DiscoDSP OB-Xd and Synapse Obsession. Those modes, even though more limited, still offer a fantastic new hands-on experience for virtual synth users.

The controller is assembled in The Netherlands with parts from Europe and Asia. It is built to last and withstand intense usage on tour and in the studio. SoundForce has an excellent track record for its controller line, with many units built and very little registered issues and repairs. The enclosure is made of 100% sheet metal and is manufactured by Grawart ( The case is made of bent steel and powder coated in black. The front panel is aluminum, also powder coated and screen printed with scratch-proof white and blue ink. Walnut wood side panels of 8mm thickness are fitted to both sides of the controller. On the electronics and firmware side, the controller is powered by the same STM32 Cortex-M micro-controller platform used successfully in previous products, insuring a very high level of compatibility with different computers and DAWs.


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Chorus modules divkid demo video

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Once again I asked Ben Divkid to do a demo video of the chorus modules. He prepared some beautiful patches and examples of Chorus effects in Eurorack, with plenty of surprising and original patches. Between patches Ben played back some patreon-submitted audio through the modules, which was also interesting to hear the modules on very different kind of audio material. I am very pleased with the results, thanks Ben!

Chorus modules shipping and demo “film” by Bries

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After a 3 months wait for the BBD chips, they finally were delivered right during my summer break. Last week I was able to start to finish the first batch of uChorus 6 and Chorus 6. It’s now shipping from the webshop and stock will reach dealers starting from next week. The first modules are already flying to Perfect Circuit at the moment.

Since last year I have the opportunity of having Bries testing and demoing SoundForce modules. I was always very impressed by the level of depth which he goes to and how musical his experimentation with the modules are. So it was clear that I wanted to him ask again for the Chorus modules. The result is a 1 hour 11 minutes film 🙂 Of course everything is labelled in the timeline, so you can jump to certain parts if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing.

SFC-8 used by Fred Again in his tiny desk performance

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Back in April, something totally huge happened and Fred Again performed on NPR’s tiny desk using the SFC-8. The controller is used probably mostly as a general purpose controller for many different parts, most likely in Logic. You can see he relabelled it to make it more intuitive to use for his application. Because of the camera angle, it took me half hour to really accept that it was actually a SFC-8 🙂 This is really making me so happy to see such a creative and popular artist using one of my products. I was enjoying Fred’s music for the last few months already. This will have positive effects on the sales but this is so much more for me a stepping stone, and I feel another level of recognition for the hard work of the last few years. Thank you Fred!

Chorus modules announced

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For Superbooth 2023 next week in Berlin, SoundForce is introducing 2 new Eurorack modules to complement the Juno-style range in both the full format and the compact micro format: Chorus 6 and uChorus 6.

Both modules are classic Juno-style analog BDD chorus, using the Xvive MN3009 BBDs and the same audio path as the original circuit. They can do the classic I, II and I+II modes. I+II modes are available from both the Juno 6 and Juno 60, each in mono (as the original) or stereo, giving you 4 I+II options.

The 4HP uChorus 6 offers only the basic functionality but can give you that classic chorus sound in minimal amount of space. Both modules are skiff friendly at a depth of 38mm.

The 14HP version offers also the basic modes but additional manual and external modes can take the module away from sweet and pretty sound territories right into weird and noisy soundscapes.

The manual mode gives you the opportunity to control every parameter of the chorus and gives you access to the LFO that modulates the BBD delay times. Here is what you can tweak:
– time slide pot: sets the start delay time
– rate slide pot and CV input : sets the frequency of the delay time modulation
– depth slide pot and CV input: sets the depth of modulation around the start time
– mix slide pot and CV input: sets the mix between the dry input signal and the BBD delays outputs
– LFO wave: selection of different waveforms to modulate the delay time
– range: selection of 3 different frequency ranges for the LFO (S: 30Hz to 500Hz | M: 1Hz to 100Hz | L: 0.016Hz/1min to 10Hz)

In external mode, the delay times can be modulated using an external signal through the EXT IN cv input. Plug in a CV/LFO source from your eurorack case into the EXT IN, set manually the starting delay time using the time slider and use the EXT ATT slide pot to attenuated the incoming CV signal (equivalent to setting the depth). In external mode, the depth/rate sliders and CV inputs are not active.

Both modules can take Eurorack or Line input signals and either stereo or mono inputs.

The uChorus 6 will be available in June at around 199 euros including VAT. The Chorus 6 will be available in July at around 299 euros including VAT.