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SFC-101 available for pre-order now!!

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SoundForce is happy to announce the SFC-101, a custom MIDI controller for the TAL-BassLine-101 software synthetizer (model of the Roland SH-101 : SFC-101 is not “just” a MIDI controller, it offers you a complete and unique hardware experience within your software environment. The intuitive layout makes it easier and more fun than ever to play your software synthetizer.As with other SoundForce controllers, the SFC-101 is a class-compliant USB MIDI device that can be used with any other MIDI-mappable software. The SFC-101 can be pre-ordered now for 249 euros in our store. The first units will start to ship mid-july. SoundForce controllers are hand-made in the Netherlands (see how they’re made : The open-source Arduino compatible firmware is available to all users on our website.

For more information see the product page.

Maximilian Clarke’s SFC-60

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Max from Germany got a SFC-60. He lives in Berlin and has been producing for over 10 years, most recently as one half of “The Loops Of Fury” ( He’s currently producing solo, taking influence from early house, techno, ambient and soundscape sounds. He will put together a couple of EPs to release under a new moniker soon. I quote : “the SFC-60 has transformed my use of the U-NO-LX2 – it’s just like having a real Juno now and I couldn’t be happier!”
SFC studio pic

Triple shipping today!

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Today 3 SFC-60’s are leaving the SoundForce headquarters. 2 are going to Berlin, 1 for a customer and 1 for a reviewer of (big German electronic music magazine). Another one is going to another reviewer of a the main local music production magazine here in Holland, Interface. This will hopefully spread some good words about the controller.

Other things… working on a very cool new feature for the SFC-60 firmware, more on that next week. And a new prototype board is coming friday of a new product! Exciting.


Mark Barott’s SFC-101

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mark 1012

Mark was so hooked on the SFC-60 that he asked me to build him a prototype version of the 101. Quote : “for me the sooner the better – the juno controller is already one of the most important items in my studio and I use the Tal 101 more than the juno so it’s something I’m really looking forward to !” So I HAD to build me one before everybody else.