Rui’s SFC-Mini prototype

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Rui got the very special SFC-Mini prototype! Here is what he says: “Great news, i’ve got the unit and everything is working as intended, awesome! :D… i would also like to thank you for the T-Shirt, i’ll wear it proudly! Thank you once again Nicolas.”

Sebastian’s SFC-60

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“The SFC-60 really stepped up my game using the U-NO-LX plugin. Not only is it great fun to play with, but it also gives you a feeling for the synth you just can’t have otherwise. It now has a fixed place in my workflow.”

Maximilian Clarke’s SFC-60

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Max from Germany got a SFC-60. He lives in Berlin and has been producing for over 10 years, most recently as one half of “The Loops Of Fury” ( He’s currently producing solo, taking influence from early house, techno, ambient and soundscape sounds. He will put together a couple of EPs to release under a new moniker soon. I quote : “the SFC-60 has transformed my use of the U-NO-LX2 – it’s just like having a real Juno now and I couldn’t be happier!”
SFC studio pic

Mark Barott’s SFC-101

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mark 1012

Mark was so hooked on the SFC-60 that he asked me to build him a prototype version of the 101. Quote : “for me the sooner the better – the juno controller is already one of the most important items in my studio and I use the Tal 101 more than the juno so it’s something I’m really looking forward to !” So I HAD to build me one before everybody else.