El capitan fix

The latest OSX version broke some functionalities for USB devices, especially devices using micro-controllers like the ones in the SoundForce controllers. Luckily there is a fix for this.

First write this down on a piece of paper this command (every character and space are important, be really careful):
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 23.31.23

Then, shut down your computer. You’ll now have to start your computer from Recovery. Hold down the Command and R keys and turn your computer on. Hold these keys until the Apple logo appears. After your computer finishes starting up, you should see a desktop with an OS X menu bar and an OS X Utilities window. If you see a login window or your own desktop instead of the Utilities window, it’s possible that you didn’t press Command-R early enough. Restart your computer and try again.

In the utilities, open the terminal: IMG_0138

Then simply type the command you just wrote down and press enter: Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 23.31.23

It should give back some kind of warning and a confirmation.

Then click on the Apple and restart the computer (this time normally). You problems should be fixed.