808 Kick

(Now with a black FR4 front panel).

My take on the legendary kick sound. This product is available as a DIY project. With a price of 25 euros and a BOM cost of about 10 euros, you can easily build your own module under 50 euros.

Both the kick and snare modules are very similar and the kits include: a front panel, a circuit PCB, an IO PCB and a cable to inter-connect the 2 PCBs. The 2 PCBs system makes soldering and assembly a breeze (no panel/wire soldering!)

The parts are easy to find at the big eletronics suppliers as well as tayda, ebay or aliexpress. I choose to only deliver the raw PCBs and provide you with reliable sources to get parts at the best price.


  • Bill of materials : BOM
  • guide HERE.
  • High-resolution very readable silkscreen, you can locate very easily all the necessary parts : silkscreen_kick.
  • Schematics