SFC-Mini prototype

By August 8, 2015Main page blog

I built 2 prototypes of my new Minimoog MIDI controller. It’s compatible with the ARTURIA Mini-V as well as the NATIVE INSTRUMENTS Monark synth plugins. https://sound-force.nl/


  • Joshua Church says:

    I think it is an awesome concept! Having the controls laid out like on a real synth can be really helpful for creativity. I would like to know when they are ready for sale!

    • Nicolas says:

      check the website once in a while, I am expecting to launch the product in October/November. thanks!

      • dieter says:

        Congratulations to your birthday, Nicolas!
        You´ve got a great controller concept which exactly meets the needs of many musicians! I´m really looking forward to the SFC-Mini product launch. Thanks!!!

  • jörg dittmar says:

    love the white design.

    too bad the iPad arturia imini cannot remember programmed CCs (although it should). arturia have ignored this bug for at least more than a year. maybe your controller could give them a reason to change that…

    • Nicolas says:

      Arturia seems to be running behind on their software updates he? I hope they fix it quick. 10$ for the app, it’s a killer price.

  • Great stuff Nicolas – When you have hardware available I’d be happy to contribute patches necessary so the SFC-Mini will work out of the box with GForce’s Minimonsta which is my preferred axe 🙂 Cheers!

  • Rui Pedro says:


    I would like to keep this available unit of SFC-MINI, when will it be able to ship it? I am going on vacations on 11th September, so you think it will arrive before that to Czech Republic? Also, why is this unique model?


  • baptiste says:

    Have you got an idea of the price ?

  • Maurice says:

    Can’t wait for this!

  • Kevin says:

    Hi please let me know when the mini moog controller is ready to ship
    I would like to buy one

    keep up the good work