The SoundForce SFC-8 is a boutique class-compliant USB-MIDI controller dedicated to Jupiter-8 plugin emulations. It is usable with any MIDI-mappable software or hardware but the panel layout has been designed especially for Arturia’s Jup-8 V and TAL’s J-8. Considering the differences in the plugins front panels, 2 modes have been programmed to suit the control panel layouts of the 2 plugins perfectly.
The controller has a USB connector for power and USB-MIDI. But it also has 5-pin DIN-MIDI input and ouput. All the messages received at the DIN-MIDI input are merged with the controller messages and sent out to both the USB-MIDI and DIN-MIDI output. So you can plug your MIDI keyboard or sequencer to the SFC-8 and use it as a USB-MIDI interface, or use the DIN-MIDI output to go to the next MIDI device in your setup. The DIN-MIDI connectivity allows direct connection with modern and vintage hardware synths and thanks to the control panel app, the user can setup their own MIDI maps and change CC numbers for each control. In the future, support for different hardware synths will be built in the control panel app.
5 banks of 4 presets have been implemented in the controller and 3 modes (jump, pick-up and scale) are available to the user to define the behaviour of the controller after presets have been loaded. The first preset of bank 1 is loaded automatically after boot, so the user can define the default start state of the controller. 4 configurations presets are available for the user to switch between CC or hardware configurations. The configurations can be saved to the device using the control panel application.
Build quality
The controller is assembled in The Netherlands with parts from Europe and Asia. The enclosure is made of 100% sheet metal and is manufactured by Grawart (http://www.grawart.pl). The case is made of bent steel and powder coated in black. The front panel is aluminum, also powder coated and screen printed with scratch-proof white and orange inks. Walnut wood side panels of 8mm thickness are fitted to both sides of the controller.
Pricing and Availability
The SFC-8 is available on the SoundForce webshop for 499 euros incl VAT (exact price will depend on your local VAT %) in the EU and 412 euros for customers outside the EU. In the US, Perfect Circuit will be distributing the SFC-8. Please get in touch with Perfect Circuit for pre-ordering and ordering information. In Canada, Cicada Sound will be distributing the SFC-8.
Order now 499€ (outside EU 412€)

– Width x Depth x Height : 308mm x 230mm x 60mm

System supported:
– Mac/Windows (other OS not tested)
– Class compliant USB MIDI device
– DAWs : Tested and working in Pro Tools 10/11/12, Logic 9/X, Cubase 7/8/9, Abelton 9/10, Reaper, Bitwig

– USB 2.0 Type-B plug for USB-MIDI data and power
– 5-pin DIN MIDI input and ouput

Power :
– USB-bus powered

Martin Stürtzer with the SFC-8 and TAL J-8:

Mylar melodies and the SFC-8:


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Fred Again in his beautifull tiny desk performance with the SFC-8 as a multipurpose controller:

Nadia Struiwigh and the SFC-8:


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