Please note that MIDI mapping is not always implemented in VST3 plugins.

User manuals:
SFC-1 Manual
SFC-60 V2 Manual
SFC-5 Manual
SFC-Mini V2 Manual

Legacy controllers:
SFC-60 V1 Manual
SFC-101 Manual

Control panels (Google chrome only):
How to use the control panels to change CC numbers and MIDI channel:

SFC-1 Control Panel
SFC-5 V2 Control Panel
SFC-60 V3 Control Panel
SFC-Mini V2 Control Panel

Legacy controllers:
SFC-Mini V1
SFC-5 Control Panel
SFC-60 V2 Control Panel

Mapped presets:
SFC-5_V2 for Arturia V3

SFC-Mini V2 for Arturia
SFC-60 V2 for TAL U-NO-LX

Legacy controllers:
SFC-60 V1 Mapped preset
Arturia Mini-V SFC-Mini V1
Monark SFC-Mini V1

Firmware and tutorial for legacy controllers (SFC-60 V1 & SFC-101)