This product is available as a DIY project, PCB’s and front panels are available in the webshop.

This module is an Arduino Nano based clock mangler. Its open source firmware allows you to learn programming for synthesizers clock applicationsĀ  as well as creating your custom firmware for your own application. Think about a clock sequencer, a binary counter, random clocks generator, etc…

There is stock firmware for clock dividision/multiplication called clocky. A front panel is also available for this firmware.

Arduino firmware :
Green PCB:
Blue PCB:
Required libraries : SoundForce_Clocky_libraries

The 8 outputs are named A through H and you can change easily the ratios in the firmware (first line). You are not tied to particular ratios.

Clocky features:

  • Trigger input
  • Reset input
  • Ability to pre-sync the multiplier using the reset input and avoid loosing beats
  • 8 outputs
  • each output can either multiply or divide its ratio

The tutorials video explain the circuit as well as how to get around in the firmware. (Coming soon).

A simplistic build with a BOM of around 35 euros and a PCB set price of 35 euros. You can build a clock divider/multiplier for under 75 euros.

Documentation (PCB V1.3 – Blue) :

Old documentation (Green PCB) :