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Triple shipping today!

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Today 3 SFC-60’s are leaving the SoundForce headquarters. 2 are going to Berlin, 1 for a customer and 1 for a reviewer of (big German electronic music magazine). Another one is going to another reviewer of a the main local music production magazine here in Holland, Interface. This will hopefully spread some good words about the controller.

Other things… working on a very cool new feature for the SFC-60 firmware, more on that next week. And a new prototype board is coming friday of a new product! Exciting.


Presets for christmas!

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Last week I implented a preset function into the SFC-60 MIDI controller. Since firmware V1.4 you can now save your favourite sounds into the memory of the controller itself and load them any time you want. You don’t have to save your sounds using the plugin anymore and can manage your presets directly from the controller. It’s a big deal for performing live. There are 3 banks of 14 presets available, so 52 in total. You can now also define a default preset that always get loaded when you plug the controller into the computer. This function will also be available in the forthcoming SFC-101 controller.

Video about preset mamagement coming soon!
Merry Christmas!

Introducing the SoundForce SFC-101

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A custom MIDI controller for the excellent TAL-BassLine-101, a software synthetizer modelling the legendary Roland SH-101.

More about SoundForce :
More about TAL :

SFC-60 coming soon!

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The SFC – 60 is planned to be available in November 2014. We took our time to make the best product possible and make it more affordable. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about release and pre-orders: